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Walther PPQ Q4 Tac vs Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS

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Hi there


I've been shooting IPSC production with CZ SP-01 shadow for some time, and want to try a striker pistol with dots.


I shortlisted Walther PPQ Q4 Tac or Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS FS and would like to hear any suggestions. Both can be used for production class and could later add a dot for production optics. PPQ may have an edge with stock trigger, better stock sight but has a higher bore axis. I will work on the trigger/internals where it's legal, Glock has more mods and holster choices. They retail for the same price here.


Didn't quite like the balance of Q5 or G34, the later also not approved for IPSC production.


Any thoughts please? Thanks.


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Thanks, the steel frame is not available here downunder, nor is CZ P10F.


My main holding back on the walther is the bore axis and muzzle recovery time. I'd certainly upgrade if they would produce a m3 with lower bore axis. Glock 17 G5 mos may last me a lot longer, unless they introduce a huge improvement on the MOS system itself.

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Can you get a glock 17a mos here? 


The walther seems to recoil a lot to me and the one I shot wouldn't chamber my ammo. Very short chamber. 


I like the sig x5 for a polymer gun. With the frame weight they are well balanced. Recoil is low and the bore axis doesn't cause an issue in real life. 



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4 hours ago, Hauraki said:



Q5 SF is not available here, it's also not yet approved for IPSC production, last time 8 checked.


How much of an improvement is it over Q5 match?

Believe q5sf is approved now for ipsc production. 

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9 hours ago, Mustang684 said:

I just traded my tac4 in on an MOS Glock. The Walther has nice big slide levers but it seemed whippy recoil wise. Using 147 gr loads seemed to help a bit.

Woo... how you like the Glock in comparison?


Just got a Q4 Tac on sale this weekend. It fits my hand better and trigger feels smoother than a 17 MOS Gen 5, and a lot cheaper. Will see if it shoots flat or not. I usually shoot 124 gr, almost bought a case of 115 be but a bit worried about recoil, only grabbed a few boxes to try out next weekend.

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Glock ships with 4 plates right? Any chance your Q4 Tac came with 3 plates in the box? Mine came with none, and manual says they are optional.


Glock would have a lower bore axis and optic mount height, enjoy it. I'll shoot Q4 with iron sight first before I decide on an optic.

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