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PCC triggers...again

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I looked through several threads already so apologies in advance.


I have a PSA AR9 lower, complete TACOM upper w. TACOM recoil guts and 14.5 barrel.


CMC PCC trigger was working, then sputtered a little.  I lubed it up and it kept running without another issue.  Gun it/was very new w. 300 rds thru it.    I have experimented w. JP trigger and stock hammer and disconnect or that came w. PCC.  This combination of JP trigger, the two screw adj. one, and PSA stock hammer appear to work but have not shot it yet.  


Does can anyone please confirm that this combination SHOULD or SHOULD not work.  Trigger pull is heavy as it still have stock hammer spring but I like the reset better than the CMC trigger.  Ill order a JP RP spring provided this SHOULD work.



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