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43x holster


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7 hours ago, Slalom45 said:

The JM Custom is the one I'm thinking about getting for my regular 43. I'll add the "long" version as my current one doesn't ride deep enough for the short barrel to keep vertical. 

I have the long Wing Claw 2.0 with the overhooks for the 43 and it fits the 43x and the 48 as well.  Awesome holster, just need to replace the overhooks with the new discreet carry clips.  Excellent holster and way more comfortable than it looks.  I have 3 more of the same holster but for; Sig P365, Glock G45 and CZ P-07.  


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i got an aiwb holster from tulster and with the 43x, it's a game changer.  the 43x being just a little thinner than their double stacks really makes a difference.  and the clip, vs the soft loops or belt loop, REALLY makes a diff.  super easy and quick to take on and off, don't need to re-thread the belt, try to snap the loop buttons etc.


but for the OP, i believe that tulster also offers soft loops.


gun/holster combo is not uncomfortable at all and i wore it a lot on the 3 day each way trip out to colo and back and for the most part forgot it was there.

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