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Dillon 1050 cleaning regiment

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How often do you guys clean your press? I’m currently at about 12k 9mm on this run and it’s a mess, but it’s running so smoothly right now I don’t want to break it down.  Yesterday I didn’t have a single, not one issue in 3k rounds I just kept dumping powder, primers and brass into it. 

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I keep canned air on the bench, and frequently blow powder flakes, etc away during a loading session. This seems to keep the gunk at bay.  The press doesnt get broken down for detailed cleaning but yearly, probably 20-30K rounds.  I break it down and deep clean it prior to processing brass for next seasion (usually two 5 gal buckets), then again after processing when I get it ready for loading.  

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The smartass in me says I've never known of any regiment even owning a 1050, let alone cleaning one :)


The helper in me says I vacuum it or blow it off with compressed air (I have an air compressor plumbed into my reloading room) about 1-2 times an hour while running, more often if I have a powder spill or problem, and lube it and wipe down at every caliber change.  I do a deep clean once every 6-9 months.


Several of my shell plates, case plungers, and primer bars are Robar NP3+ coated, and that seems to have helped a bit with both friction, and with gunk sticking to various reciprocating parts.  I may well be simply fooling myself about that, but I'm confident enough about it that I"m about to send one of my 1050s major parts off to Robar to have them NP3+ coated, as well.  I think that will help a bit with both friction, and with keeping them clean.

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