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Mags will not drop at all


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Hey guys,

After 10 years of shooting an M&P I finally got a barely-used Shadow 1 in January. Have been waiting 6 months for the importer to swap the mag release over (to lefty configuration) with every excuse under the sun given. He was meant to install a pre b disco as well, but that never eventuated. Frustrating enough to wait the times for PTAs etc in Australia as it is but half a year has been well, irritating to say the least. .

Finally I thought I'd be able to shoot it...but no mags will release. I'm assuming this is because of the swaparound as the release is not ambidextrous in design (yeah, I know everyone hates lefties lol) but because of this desgin flaw I really don't know where to start in addressing it. Rather not have to poke around with my trigger finger right on the guard groping for the release if I swap it back to RH..in any case because of trigger hand arthritis/nerve issues I dunno if my index finger would have the power to activate it. On the run at speed in the midst of a stage? Ahahahaha, no lol

Just wondered if anyone had ideas of how to sort this...like I said, no idea where to start at this point.




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As stated above a Shadow mag release should be swappable from right and left. As a general for all CZ75 variant pistols if the mag button is round it is left side only. If the mag button is key hole shaped it is swappable.


It sounds like it could be a number of things. More information is needed to narrow the possibilitys. What do you mean exactly when you say "no mags will release"? Are they stuck in the pistol or are they not dropping free and can be removed by pulling them out?


Reviewing one of the available disassembly guides might not be a bad idea so that you can get a better idea of how the mag release functions. There is a sticky at the top of this section of the forums that may be worth a look.

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Damn  lol sorry for the lack of more specific info. They will not drop freely but are not stuck in the gun as such, you just have to pull them free with a bit of effort. I also found out after posting last night that it is specifically empty mags which will not drop, even one snap cap inserted it enough for it to function OK. Which is far less of an issue, but still on the rare occasion you run dry in a stage, stripping it out by hand before reloading is going to be a PITA, particularly time-wise.

I also found out that the importer/his tame gunsmith/whoever it was stripped the mag screw so it was a bit loose when I first checked it out. And to my eyes the spring doesn't fit in the frame exactly centrered either (left leg of the spring seems to be further inward) - if that makes any difference.

What I meant re ambidextrous is that the design of the release itself is not mirrored - the cutout for the release on the rh side (in a righty configuration) protrudes into the magwell when swapped over the LH function, see 2nd pic.


IMG_20190616_221321 sm.jpg

mag release cutout.jpg

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11 hours ago, gwchem said:

Some CZ's have a magazine brake in the grip.  Can you check if that's the case?  It's easily swapped for a different style.

Thanks gwchem,


I wasn't sure of what a magazine brake was tbh but on examination yes, yes it does lol

And it does appear to be connecting with the backside of the mag when inserted too...this could wel be the culprit (or, one of them :) )


IMG_20190616_170104 sm.jpg

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