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X5 grip weight


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Yep - I have the tungsten guide rod, and the SSI grip with the tungsten wt. I like it a bunch - with the loads I have it shoots soft and flat. The biggest downside is the new Legion X5 - I think i would have saved money if I'd have waited.  

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Sig is taking orders on the grip units for the x5 legion. I pre-ordered grip and shipped out my x5 for drop recall the day my grayguns trigger kit came in and my tungsten rod with 14# spring. So at the range yesterday threw the rod and spring in my buddies x5. That mod alone allowed for a little bit of a better follow-up. I'm not sure if it's the weight or the spring but

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Im a relatively new P320 owner but can say; shooting the X5 grip with & without the weight I noticed:

The Gun Balances a bit better and made it point more naturally.

Decreased the muzzle dip a tad. (Springs did more for that area of course)


Its not a drastic change but the change it had is definitely worth the $50 in my opinion. 

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