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1911 Frame Feed Ramp - .40 S&W - problem.


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Built  a 1911 single stack  Government barrel with ramp in frame - .40 S&W.


Great fit and very smooth slide to frame and barrel to slide fit - so I was surprised when I tested it with dummies before heading to the range.


First round feed , then rounds would not chamber.


Since the first round feed - while oil was present - some was inadvertently on the ramp - I decided to test it by putting oil directly on ramp.


A couple of rounds then feed.


Noticed the step was a little on the deep side - prefer approximately 1/32" or so setback for the step.


Rather than file the ramp I polished the ramp to a mirror finish and now the gun feeds.


I imagine it would have feed without polishing if the step was less.


Removing metal is always my last resort - lucky this time.


Grandpoobah in Scottsdale



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Whats the OAL of your ammo, and what mags are you using ?
Closer you get to 1.200 the better 1911/2011 designs run. Pretty much why all the 2011 40 guys run longer than factory ammo.
You may need to throat your barrel to allow for longer bullets up in the 1.180 range. Then use 10mm mags.
Factory 40 ammo,  and spacer 40 mags in a SS 1911 can be pretty finnicky.

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EGW has a higher mag catch that made a huge difference in my home built Kimber conversion. It'll feed any length ammo now. Tripp mags and various others (Metalform, Checkmate or .45 mags). 


Used to have the same first round feeding problem, not feeds smooth and reliably. 

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