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510C Green vs Red


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Why do you think green is more visible to the human eye, and if it was, how relevant is that when the brightness is adjustable?


i’ve heard this before about green being more visible, but for me that abstract statement is not the entire story.  Dot glass coatings, brightness vs battery life tradeoffs, and emitter technologies are all factors which may outweigh the blanket statement about colors and the human eye.

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simple explanation



"Green lies in the middle of the solar spectrum and the sun peaks in its output on those wavelengths. The more photons in a spectral region that are available to be observed, the easier it is to distinguish shades.

And if you use a system of multiple photoreceptors with overlapping absorption ranges as most life on earth does for color perception, the middle of the spectrum where your photoreceptors overlap with one another the most will automatically be where you can see the most shades."


more detailed explanation



"Color can be thought of as a psychological and physiological response to light waves of a specific frequency or set of frequencies impinging upon the eye. An understanding of the human response to color demands that one understand the biology of the eye. Light that enters the eye through the pupil ultimately strikes the inside surface of the eye known as the retina. The retina is lined with a variety of light sensing cells known as rods and cones. While the rods on the retina are sensitive to the intensity of light, they cannot distinguish between lights of different wavelengths. On the other hand, the cones are the color-sensing cells of the retina. When light of a given wavelength enters the eye and strikes the cones of the retina, a chemical reaction is activated that results in an electrical impulse being sent along nerves to the brain. It is believed that there are three kinds of cones, each sensitive to its own range of wavelengths within the visible light spectrum. These three kinds of cones are referred to as red cones, green cones, and blue cones because of their respective sensitivity to the wavelengths of light that are associated with red, green and blue. Since the red cone is sensitive to a range of wavelengths, it is not only activated by wavelengths of red light, but also (to a lesser extent) by wavelengths of orange light, yellow light and even green light. In the same manner, the green cone is most sensitive to wavelengths of light associated with the color green. Yet the green cone can also be activated by wavelengths of light associated with the colors yellow and blue. The graphic below is a sensitivity curve that depicts the range of wavelengths and the sensitivity level for the three kinds of cones."

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so i am not sure if it is different on variable magnification optics vs red dots, but i have the trijicon accupower 1-8 and accidentally got it in the green reticle. i cant see it for s#!t in arizona. not a hugwe deal because you can see the non lit reticle just fine. but i like having the option to see my dot in the sunlight, like with the razor 1-6. 

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On 6/13/2019 at 8:04 PM, kujo929 said:

So does seeing more shades of green equate to it being a better color for An optical aiming dot on a pistol ?

I think that is the question.


Red provides better contrast against most backdrops, especially since most glass has a blue/green tint to it.


Green was a good marketing move though. Have you seen the GOLD reticles yet?

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