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Magazine Feeding Issues


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I am shooting a 2011 style pistol, 9mm major, running sti magazines with grams springs and followers (just replaced).  Using both old and new style magazines (with and without spacers), I am having an issue where the bullets nose-dive inside the magazines and don't feed properly. They ultimately end up almost tumbling, and when I turn the magazine upside down, several bullets just fall out before the spring re-engages and pushes the rest into position.  I can't figure out what is causing this and it's very frustrating, especially because its causing major gun malfunctions at matches. Magazines are cleaned before use, and in between stages.  Still having problems.  Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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1.  Is this happening with all of your mags, or just one ?

2.  What's the OAL on your cartridges ?   Which bullet are you using ?

3.  When you "clean the mags", are you taking them apart and brushing out the insides ?


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sounds like two things, both mean the tube(s) are out of spec.

1. the double to single stack transition has gotten too wide, causing the rounds to not come up into a nice single stack as they near the top of the tube.  There are videos on youtube about this and images here on be.com of how to squeeze this area in a vice.  It's easy but it's just as easy to completely mess up the tube.  If you are not mechanically inclined I would not attempt this.

2. the follower getting stuck in the tube is a symptom of the main area of the tube has gotten too wide and needs to be squeezed back down some.  The ideal width between the control ribs inside the tube is 0.740” for typ. Reloaded ammo, no narrower than 0.730”, no wider than 0.765” and keep tube square.  Too narrow left to right and there is less capacity.  Too wide left to right and the rounds can start to stack incorrectly and bind on each other.  Squeezing a tube in a smooth face vise is doable, but if needing to squeeze it you have to go further than what is needed for the metal to take a new shape.  Need to be very careful.  If you are not mechanically inclined I would not attempt this.

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