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Carbon handgaard for JP GMR-15

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Coda has the best barrel nut/mount design compared to Isler or Smoke, but other than that it's preference. I also prefer octagonal handguards, so it made the choice pretty easy for me.

I do think the Coda might be slightly heavier though.

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Hello: There are less expensive carbon options out there like the Taccom and KAW Valley. Both are smaller diameter which I like and anything shorter than 15" should work just fine with a 16" barrel. I just built an upper using a Kaw Valley carbon handguard but have a Taccom on my 15/22. Thanks, Eric

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My vote is for the Smoke Composites, it’s a small diameter handguard for PCCs, and the slots in the handguard add grip when your hands get sweaty.  With the discount they are only about $140.

This is a 12” in the pic.



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Coming from someone who could tear up a steel ball, how durable are the carbon fiber handguards. I'm looking at the Smoke because it's price seems more reasonable and I like that you can get a top rail on it. But I wonder how it will hold up to competition and just wear over time.

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