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9MM Load for Glock with one chamber comp?

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If you are running a one chamber aluminum compensator with a 9MM Glock, what is your preferred loading (bullet, powder, case, COAL, crimp, etc.)? 


With this load 1) what springs are you running, 2) are you using a lightened slide and 3) are you running an optic on the slide?


My current set-up has the ZEV Technologies PRO Compensator V2 9mm Aluminum, 11 lb ISMI RS, 2 lb Zev FP and a Johny Glock trigger (don't know what trigger spring he used).  


It is short stroking with some factory ammo.




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Do you reload? If so, try this load.


124 gr fmj

Start at 6.0 gr of HS6 and work up from there. (I make major at 7.7gr and run 8.2gr for competition and practice)


If running major power factor ammo in a Glock, I have found it beneficial to run a heavier recoil spring that 11lb. I would start at 15lb and would not hesitate to settle on a 17lb if it feels better when shooting!

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Thanks for the info.  What other powders did you try before you settled on HS6?  Yes I reload.


I have Longshot on hand and tried it today.  A "data point" for future people having or thinking about this type of set-up, I tried today:


4.0 gr Titegroup 124 FMJ Precision Delta (Below max book) (Primers looked acceptable)

6.5 gr Longshot 100 plated Berry's (Max book) (Primers looked acceptable)

6.0 gr Longshot 115 FMJ Armscor (Max book) (Primers looked acceptable)

Factory: Maxxtech 115, Blazer Brass 115, Remington brown box practice 115,  Aquila 147 and Geco 124.


All don't lock up 100% with an empty mag.  Using aftermarket G17 slide (Swenson/Midway), Zev heavy magwell,  Vortex venom on the slide with the rest of the set-up noted on the OP. 


So in my case I will need to go +P with this gun.



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