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Overall Length


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OAL will be determined by your chamber and magazines... one of them will be the limiting factor.. Frequently chambers and throats get reamed to allow OAL to about as long as mags will handle.

Read up on what a plunk test is,, size a piece of brass,  no powder or primer, seat a bullet long, remove barrel from your gun, drop in the round,, most liekly it wont fit.. Keep shortening the bullet till it fits. Mike it, then shorten another 20/1000 " call it good.

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Joe hit it on the head - have to run The Plunk Test for that particular bullet

in Your Gun to really find out.  The cartridge should PLUNK all the way into

the chamber and still drop out easily.


As a starting point, I'd guess that 1.12" should be fine and you might be able

to go to 1.13", but you never know until you try it.


One of the joys of reloading is that you can customize your ammo to Your Gun.    :) 



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