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What pistol do you carry for self defense (vs the one you compete with)?

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I compete with a CZ Shadow 2 milled for CO in USPSA and an M&P 9L 5" performance Center 

with Apex flat trigger FSS kit in Steel challenge

carry an M&P 9c v1 or a shield 9.

thinking of getting the 9C milled for an optic

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Recent production Sig P365, hopefully all the kinks are worked out, seems fine. It shoots the best of all the small 9mms I've tried and the extra capacity is a bonus too. 


G19 with light at home. 

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I shoot 2011, 1911, and a 22/45. So all 1911 grip angle. I used to compete and carry glocks. When I wrote off glocks for competition I found that while I still could shoot them proficiently it always took me a few draws to instinctively find the natural angle to find the correct sight picture with the glock. So I sold all my glocks and now I carry a S&W shield in 9mm with no safety. I love it. It was $288 brand new out the door and it works. Also closer grip angle to my competition guns.

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I started this game actually using my carry gun - a Glock 19. I run a 34 in Production... dabbled for a minute with a Stock 2 and went back to Glock. I believe there is some truth in standardizing on a platform. 

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When I did try the carry thing, it was a 9mm Kahr.

Nothing like my comp guns.


These days, I don't carry....To much of a bother.

Tried it. Even went through the hassle of getting a permit in IL, back in 2014, for gosh sake.

Didn't like carrying. Didn't feel I needed to carry. 

Live in TN now. Easy to get one here, but I haven't.




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