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What pistol do you carry for self defense (vs the one you compete with)?

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My philosophy on this has changed as my amount of competition practice has ramped up. 

I had been carrying a P365 and then a P365 XL most of the time over the last ~ 3 years. Loved the size to capacity ratio which made me move away from having a micro compact (G43) and a bigger option (CZ PCR). 

During that period I was still going to the range just to shoot a variety of guns at least once or twice a week. 


As I started to take my training more seriously I found that such an overwhelming majority of my shooting is now structured practice… I’m spending that much time on a certain platform, and i shoot it extremely well… maybe I should standardize. Between that and getting better at the techniques of concealment, I now carry a bigger gun with minimal disruption. 

Since I shoot a Walther Q5 SF in matches, I got the Q4 SF for EDC. Both guns I’m using a dot, both 6moa, but I’m using an RMR for carry for durability reasons. I do still have a “lighter” option since it’s a heavy boy, but it’s just the compact Walther PDP so truly almost identical size, manual of arms, and accessories. Just polymer framed instead. 

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M&P Shield 9EZ


I'm getting old and can't rack the slide on many of my old autos so I went looking for this in .380.  They didn't have ammo and I still had over 1000 rounds of 9 so I bought this one.  It's a little large for a pocket gun but since I make my own holsters I was able to a nice OWB for it.

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