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Occasional Hammer Follow on TS


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I'm having an issue with my TS.  I'm getting occasional hammer follow where instead of the hammer staying all the way down during cycling the hammer goes to kind of a half cock position.  Then when I pull the trigger the hammer falls the rest of the way but not with enough energy to set off the primer.  If I then rack the gun the live round extracts and the hammer will stay all the way back and allow the gun to fire again.  


Before I tear the gun all the way down, what part am I looking for that might be broken?  I'm thinking the likely culprit is going to be a sear spring.

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Is your over travel set too fine?  Test it using this: https://czcustom.com/knowledge-base/how-to-install-a/cz-trigger-over-travel-screw-test.html


If you find your over travel was set too fine, I would suggest changing the sear and hammer at a minimum. When I experienced this, I tried changing just my sear but my hammer was also too far gone to salvage.  I personally would suggest changing the sear, sear spring, hammer and hammer spring.  You will have everything tore apart and this would be a good opportunity to change them out.  


If your over travel is fine, I would suspect a worn/weak sear spring allowing your sear to bounce.  Luckily your gun is catching half cock not allowing it to fire.

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21 hours ago, Tok36 said:

^^ OP is asking about a Tac Sport, its has a different trigger bar set up than a 75.



OP How many rounds through your TS? What hammer do you have installed?

I'm not sure on the rounds.  This is one of my TSs that I bought used.  The hammer is a competition hammer.  The other TS still has a stock hammer in it.  Not sure which hammer but it is showing quite a bit of wear to the hooks.  I took the gun all the way apart the other night and am waiting on parts.  


I should mention that this is a TS that has been converted to an open gun with a SA slide.  It is running 9mm at around 1500fps so I'm sure that the wear factor will be a little faster than normal.

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You stated that it has a comp hammer installed and the hammer hooks are showing quite a bit of wear. I will bet that you have found your issue right there.


I am interested to hear what parts you change out and what effect it has on your issue, we all learn from this stuff.

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