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Anyone else with a TS that is a picky eater?


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For years I've only run Black Bullets International 180 gr, and more recently Precision Bullets 185gr in my TS.  Many Thousands of rounds and I never had a jam.  Recently I bought some Brazos Precision 180 gr bullets, because they are the cheapest out there by far and I love their 9mm bullets.  I didn't think the TS was capable of a FTF, but several times in about 150 rounds, the Brazos had stoppages where the round would hit the feed ramp and just stop right there.  Same length as always 1.135.  Then this weekend, I ran out of ammo in the shootoff following the Rocky Mountain 300.  I borrowed some ammo that was supposed to be factory length reloads with some red 180gr projectiles, and they jammed Every Single Round in the same way.  In the finals no less!  Ugh.    

I'm really surprised that a tiny difference in shape makes such a boringly reliable gun jam up.  I really wanted the Brazos to run, as I'm incredibly cheap.  Has anyone else had to limit their TS's diet to a few brands of 180gr coated bullets?  Do you think loading longer or shorter would help the Brazos?  I'll only pursue them so far- I am accustomed to 100% certain reliability and worrying about a jam is the last thing I want on my mind in a match.    

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Bullet profile will make a big difference especially in CZ barrels. Loaded Berry's 180 FP to 1.130 and works flawlessly. Now I'm using Everglades plated 180 FPRN and even though 1.130 works I can load longer if I need to.


I had similar issues in my 9mm CZ's though. Using Hornady 125 HAP's I had to go way down to get it to work.

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1 how old the recoil spring
2 if sticking on ramp load longer if possible
It did it with a new 9lb and a new 10lb spring. I've never tested to see how long I can load (barrel or mags) since I've never had a problem. Nothings moved on the press- I just checked and the first round I made was exactly 1.135, just like I expected.

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With 180gr Blue Bullets I’m at 1.140-1.145, mixed brass.  I was having feeding issues with factory rounds and the Blues at 1.125. 


Factory 16lb recoil spring, 20lb mainspring and both factory magazines and with CZ Custom base pads and follower/spring kits. 


I’ve since run several hundred of the Blues at 1.140-1.145 without issues. I can load out to 1.165 and fit the chamber fine but getting tight in the mag and something leaves a nick in the edge of the flat point at the longer lengths. 


It it also works better when it’s very well oiled. 

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