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Interested in Canik 9 with red dot

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I used a TP9SFX all of last season in carry optics. They work well, but the main thing you'll have to do is swap out some springs to get their full performance. In particular, since the recall back in 2017, the striker block plunger spring is obnoxiously heavy, so youll need to swap it for a lighter-weight CZ or Glock FP block spring in order to get anything remotely approaching a good trigger pull. Perhaps more importantly, the striker spring is way too overpowered. I broke 2 strikers in almost as many months due to it. The fix is to swap out the striker spring for a 6.5# Glock striker spring - haven't had any issues since then (although admittedly, I have since upgraded to a Shadow 2, so my Canik isn't getting ridden quite as hard as it used to).

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I installed a Freedomsmith Racer Trigger Shoe and swapped out a few springs. I must say that this has one of the best feeling triggers I have ever had and I have boatloads of Shadows and Tanfos.


I had someone fashion me a guiderod from a 6" 1911 FLGR and coupled it with a 15# commander spring. It still feels a little snappy but it is a bit more controllable than the stock guide rod.


The Viper has held up well and the dot is clear. I might switch to a 507c down the road.


I wish I could add a bit more heft to this gun but otherwise it has been a great shooter and it has been super reliable.


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I've had no problems with mine despite an almost endless series of experiments with it. 


Current setup:



Jentra JTGR-1 tungsten guide rod with a slightly modded gen 4 adapter

13 pound wolff glock 17 recoil spring

Freedomsmith USA fat daddy trigger

Ghost 6.5lb glock striker spring (most run a 6.0, 28 Newton or 6.5lb Glock striker spring - all of them work fine)

Ghost RP glock block plunger spring

Tungsten backstrap mod

Taylor Freelance +4 basepads w/Grams MG CZ spring and follower for 23+1

Undercut/radiused trigger guard

Trigger pull is ~2.25lbs with just enough take up for the trigger blade safety to clear and right next to zero overtravel

polished internals 

weighs about 40.5oz with an empty mag in it but it will be up to 44oz soon. :)

probably forgot a lot of stuff but that's most of it.


The firing pins are no longer a problem as they ditched the MIM pins. The new ones are machined and they only weight about 14 grains more than the MIM ones which were prone to break at the tip. The newer Caniks also come with bright nickel coated trigger bars so there is much less polishing required to get the trigger smooth. The current striker springs are not as bad as the original ones which could launch a '72 ford truck into low Earth orbit. The recoil springs are still a little too heavy but if you have problems with your load cycling, Century will send you a lighter RSA. 


It is a very fun pistol that is just nonsensically inexpensive to setup. The stock trigger can be lined out with about $10 in springs and a bit of polishing work. 

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Ove got about 15,000rds of 9mm minor through my SFX andcit has been stellar. Started as a production gun, dawson sights, Grey guns P320L guide rod and 1911 commander spring.  I did my own trigger tuning/polishing, glock 31 newton striker spring. When it went class legal I put a Freedomsmith trigger in it and eventually I stuck a DPP on it to go CO. Its great, reliable, shoots well, feels great (grip taped) and easily the nicest striker fired trigger Ive had and better than a lot of hammer guns. Its a great option! 

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I am really liking my Canik TP9Sfx. I bought it because I wanted a back up gun and I was very curious about them. After my first time shooting it, the Canik became my primary gun and my CZ is my back up. Now I only have about 5,000 rounds (give or take a couple hundred). The pistol has been very reliable and accurate. The only upgrades I have done to date is put a Freedom Smith Racer trigger, Sprinco recoil spring and a lighter striker spring. I think the striker spring is a Newton 29? The pistol has been very reliable and accurate. 

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I got mine in a made a match it. So far I like it. Only about 120 rds thru it so far. I have more mags and a holster on the way. I put a cr speed hanger on the factory one to get by for now. I am good with the trigger the way it is. I will start looking for some mag extensions this week.

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Striker spring is a fairly easy swap. A Ghost 6lb or 6.5lb Glock striker spring works. Depending on what primers you use, the 6.5lb may have slightly better primer ignition. Another option is the 28 Newton Glock striker spring (6.5lb is ~29 Newton) but most places are charging about three times more for the 28 Newton springs than they are worth.


Galloway Precision now has a RP spring kit for the SFx. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but my trigger is already <2.5lbs


Taylor Freelance just released brass mag extensions for Caniks. They add 2.9oz and if you use them with the Grams follower and spring for the CZ mecgar mags, you can get 23 in the mag. 



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I'm running a Burris Fastfire III on mine; with the 8 moa dot.  I like it!!  No issues so far and running great!  I have most of the mods mentioned above, shooting 147gr at 130 pf with 13# recoil spring.  Good luck and have fun!!

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