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2019 ICORE International Postal Match

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The 2019 ICORE Postal Match Book is available and ready for download and shooter participation ! This year we have something new and exciting as we are introducing a couple of company sponsors to the match who generously donated some product to be given away as prizes for both division winners and random draw. Please take the time to Thank and Welcome TK CUSTOMS and IBEJIHEADS COATED BULLETS to the match.


You can find the matchbook and scoresheet at :http://icore.org/match.html


Also - please take the time to take a look and shop around at www.tkcustom.com and www.ibejiheads.com

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4 hours ago, jhgtyre said:

I haven't been a big fan of the Postal Match in years past but the stages look good this year.  I like the pics and setup info.


Thanks, I've been trying my best for the past 2 years to modernize it a little bit and make it as easy as possible to setup.



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4 minutes ago, revoman said:

What do we do to get our prize if we were random draw. 


We already have addresses from when you signed up with ICORE , but just to confirm your address please email me at IPM-2019@icore.org with your information. 

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