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40 SW Brass: Sold Out

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I am taking orders for a large batch of 40 SW brass that I am going to startprocessing this week.  Brass will be available for shipment starting on 6/12.


Brass will be cleaned, polished and sold in boxes of 3500 cases.


Price is $115 per box shipped.


Please PM me or post if interested.  I expect to have 7 or 8 boxes available from this batch.



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21 hours ago, GrumpyOne said:

Todd, when do you expect more of the 40 S&W?

I am expecting to receive some more dirty in this weekend.  If that happens then I should have some available for shipment after the holiday.  PM me if you need some sooner than that but that is what I am expecting based on a conversation I had last night.

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I just sold all of the 40 brass I had. I do not expect to run any more for a few months at lest. If I have some available I will post it for sale at that time.

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On 9/7/2020 at 7:17 AM, jschweg said:

Hey Todd, how's the availability of 40 brass looking?

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I have a batch that I expect to have ready some time in October.

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