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Just ordered a CZ P-01 Omega.


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I have an original Shadow I got from CZ Custom and I like to shoot it in Production, but being retired from Corrections I always carry as I have run into one ex-inmate who wanted to stab me. It was likely all talk as he never produced a knife which kept him from entering Hell that hour, but I like to carry a pistol similar to what I compete with. The Shadow is a little large and heavy for what I like to carry, although I'm sure somewhere someone carries one. Anyway I ordered one of the last P-01 Omega pistol https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-p-01-ω-convertible-omega/ Buds had. Anyway I'm sure someone here who competes with a CZ pistol also carries a P-01 so I'd like to know what strong side IWB or OWB holster you use.

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Don't compete. 


I do have, and carry, a P01 Omega.


My first kydex holster came from Cleveland Kydex Co.  Specifically to fit the  TLR3 on the rail (and the taller suppressor sights on the Urban Gray P01).


My second holster is a combination of leather and kydex from White Hat Holsters.  I use it for the black P01 Omega with the Olight PL mini on the rail.  I think (no proof) that that holster was actually made for a standard P01 (they are decocker models, not safety models).  I have the safeties installed on my Omega pistols.  When I'd holster the P01 Omega interference with the kydex would move the safety to the "FIRE" position.  Notified White Hat Holsters and they told me I could send it back if I wanted.  I took the heat gun and a common screw driver and relieved the kydex shell in a manner that locked the safety in the "SAFE" position when in the holster.  I carry that Omega P01 in that White Hat holster quite a bit.

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