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Metal base construction

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My club wants to go the route of having our wood walls have 2x2" legs that just drop into round tubing instead of having to screw on L shaped wood legs and take them apart every match.  I have sources some 8" wide steel that we will cut into squares.  The tubing will be big enough on the ID to allow a 2x2" to drop in.  What I'm looking for is suggestions on how long to cut the tubing.  Clubs with this style of wall holder, how long are the tubes?  We'll be attaching 2 or 3 tubes to each plate.

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A really cool system a local club uses is they run the end 2x2s a couple inches above the top of the wall. They use a steel base with short (6ish inches or less) tubes and another set of just tubes welded together that are about 2 in long that go in the top. It seems to work really well and is super sturdy

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Sounds like that’s what he’s describing yes.


The vertical legs of the walls protrude from the top, then they basically have a bracket to keep them from spreading apart far enough to flop around, or for people to shoot through the gap.


Our club uses the “flat plate with three metal pipes welded together” system. The pipes are 12” or so tall.


I’d definitely go no shorter than 8 inches.

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Depends on how windy it is. I've seen some clubs that do 18" for the bases. 12" seems to be common. The top cap seems great idea as some walls will wiggle and need to be screwed together to prevent any gaps. Up to you, but if you're trying to save some cash and time figure on at least 25% single leg bases. 

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On 8/1/2019 at 9:34 AM, CrashDodson said:

What is the purpose of the tubes on the top?  Just to hold two walls together?  

sorry I missed your question, yes the bracket at the top is just to hold the walls together, it does a good job of keeping them lined up if straight and makes corners much stronger.



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