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2019 Action Pistol Regional & State Championships in VA

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  The Overlord Memorial Cup Regional Championship and The Cardinal Cup VA State Championship matches will be held on September 28th & 29th.  These events will be NRA Registered matches again so that National Records and Distinguished Points will be issued once again.  Match programs and entry forms can be found at:  http://www.bedfordrrc.org/matches 


   This Regional will be the third "leg" of the East Coast Triple Cup Challenge which includes Michigan and PA Regional matches from May and July of this year and the winners will be given the appropriate awards from their previous scores at those events combined with their scores at our Regional match.


   There is an added awards category this year; an Iron Man competition, which involves shooting in all three centerfire categories for an aggregate score.  Most, if not all, shooters get two visits to the prize tables by random drawing both days in addition to the cash awards for the top shooters in each category.  Cash and merchandise is typically over $12,000 for the two days.  Entries are limited to the first 70 guns each day due to time constraints on the mover.


   The reason for the name on the Regional is that the match is being held at Bedford, VA, the location that lost more soldiers on a per-capita basis in the D-Day invasion at Normandy, France on June 6,1944 than any other locality in the whole US.  The range that we use is the very site where the "Bedford Boys" practiced before shipping off to England to train before the invasion.  The National D-Day Memorial is located here for that reason also and tours of that Memorial are encouraged during your visit!


   The range will be open at no charge for practice for the 2 days prior to the matches with targets and center pasters for sale as needed by the competitors.


   These are the largest AP events held east of the Mississippi River and we were the first range in the US to have computerized moving targets on rails.  Come shoot with us and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as the Fall colors reach their peak. 


   "Shoot 'em in the middle!"



Cardinal Cup Entry 2019.pdf Cardinal Cup Program 2019.pdf Overlord Memorial Cup Entry 2019.pdf Overlord Memorial Cup Program 2019.pdf

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Good morning All.


My entries are in and I’m the first one, I think.

Can’t wait for this one.


Thank you to all of you that help and make our sport fun.


J. Russell Bryan

Canadian AP shooter

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