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tube fed open shotguns


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looking to see what you guys are running for open shotguns.  Im interested in open division but i love my m2 and not sure i want to buy a box fed shotgun.  Anyone running a tube fed?  Are you just running a longer extension on it?  Are you loading it with the Arrendondo accessories, quad loading off a belt or some other method?  are you competitive by not using a box fed shotgun?  Is there any other advice you might have? 


Thanks in advance for any input.  

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My .02 worth.  Blockader is pretty much correct.

     That being said, a lot comes down to your expectations. If you're not too serious about your placings and just want to have some fun in Open class or give it a try without going with a mag fed shotgun, the tube fed guns will work well for you. It also depends on where you shoot and the stages they run. I have run a Win. SX3 with the Arrendondo speed loader for about 3 years now. I have both the 4 & 6 round tubes. I already had a shotgun that could be converted so that was one of the reasons I went that route as apposed to buying a whole new gun. I put an extension tube (12+1) and for a while a tube holder with a few tubes would be fine for most 3gun stages. As the mag fed guns became more popular it seemed that stage designers started increasing the amount of rounds required. I think the biggest advantage of the mags over the tubes is the round capacity and ease of loading. The mags can hold 10 or 19 where the tubes are limited to 4 and 6. It is also much easier to reload with a mag than the tube unless you practice a lot. If you are off a little bit on the alignment of the tube you get the "popcorn effect" where a couple shells go in the gun and the rest pop out onto the ground. There are some down sides to the mag guns also. The mags are HUGE and a pain in the butt to carry on your belt. Most folks have some type of jamming issues at least once in a while and they take some tweeking to make them run well. They can also be expensive, but the new VR80 that Rock Island Armory has come out with has helped somewhat with the price point. I just bought one a little while ago and have been going through it a doing some mods. (See the posts about the VR80 in the Shotgun Technical thread). One other plus will be as more folks transition to mag fed guns, more used speed loaders and tubes will come up for sale and you can probably get a good deal. Mine will be hitting the classifieds shortly.

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Just start with your Benelli, add a shooter’s source +2 endcap to get 14rnd capacity.  Continue loading the way you have been.  If you want a dot then you can send your receiver to Primary Machine, they did mine.  


Some stages you will be at a disadvantage,

others you won’t.  It all depends on round count and the amount of movement.  


You will learn over time whether the cost of a box feed shotgun is worth it to you or not.


I’m sticking with my Benelli for now.

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