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VM malfunction - tips please


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Here's my latest nagging issue with my Versa Max. Has anyone seen this before and knows where I should start addressing it? I'm experiencing a new kind of Versa max malfunction this year.


The malf is, I'll be shooting, and randomly the gun will go bang, cycle what feels normal, I pull the trigger for the next shot, no bang but I hear a shell pop out of mag onto lifter, I rack it, no shell comes out of chamber and it feeds the new one on lifter, then it runs again.  So for some reason pulling trigger isn't releasing a shell out of mag on occasion.


I'm currently thinking mag spring or something in the trigger group, because I swapped the magazine and trigger group from my A gun to my B gun and the B gun did the exact same thing within 10 shots.

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Interesting, google-fu found me another report of this same problem. Though I'm experiencing it with hot handicap birdshot rounds.

Crazy part is I replied to the topic.

I might try removing one of the shell latch springs like the guy says.



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