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improving the lee pistol bullet seater


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lately i have been getting erratic bullet runout on some bullets, i came up with a solution quick and easy, i don't have any pics, but hope you can follow, you will need a 223 case, i full size it and insert a bullet in backwards, reason for this so you chuck it up in a drill press or a hand drill, take the lee bullet seater out of the die, notice there is a hole in the bottom, chuck up the case and file it down at the bottom, use a fine file and slowly file it down till it fits in the hole of the seater, when close use fine sand paper 600 grit of whatever so the finish is smooth, only need to do about 3/4 inch up from the bottom once you get a loose slip fit about .003  to .005 clearance. the while in the chuck i get a file and start to file a groove to cut of the finished pc, make it at least 5/8 to 3/4 " max.when it falls off, then smooth the inside edge. get a spring that fits in the case, around 1 1/2" long put it in the case and assemble, notice when you push a loaded round in the die you will feel pressure, this is what keeps the bullet in the center right up till you seat the bullet, since i done this to my lee pistol dies i no longer get bullets that look like they have a wobble when rolling it on a flat surface.



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