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Indoor Range League


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Shot and indoor league this winter.


7 yards, 10 rounds 30sec Free Style.  5 rounds 15sec strong hand. 5 rounds 15sec weak hand.


10 yards same as 7 yards.


15 + 20 yards, 5 rounds 15 sec free style.


same thing every week for 5 weeks.





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Pretty much why I shoot GSSF Indoor League  keeps my fundamentals grounded and a 4" X-ring out to 13 yds. (its a short range) keeps me trying for the 500/50x  and a sociable night out.

 I shoot a 34 in Production so a few parts swap and I am back to Stock in GSSF until I decide to either build up another 34 or change divisions..



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There is an indoor range within my combat radius that has held regulation USPSA shoots every Wednesday for a while.  

Shut down by Covid, they held a match on a 50% entries basis recently and say they will resume the regular schedule next week.  In masks.  

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Before the local USPSA club went outdoors we shot at an indoor range. It took some creative thinking to make it work but once the membership grew it was impossible to manage it and we went outdoors. We had a lot of fun and it was not boring at all. 

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