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Casefeeder motor

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Pretty sure my 650 CF motor is about shot. Runs pretty good on hi but barely moves on low when empty. With about 400 9mm cases in there low won’t move and hi is about half speed. It’s not the clutch as I did a test and tightened it all the way up.

  Before I buy a replacement from Dillon I thought I would see if any aftermarket motors are available/recommended.


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Hi Sarge:


I have replaced the Dillon 4 RPM motor with a 10 RPM motor - see my posting for model number of the motor - available from McMaster - Carr.


Note that while the installation is a five minute direct substitution you have to have a machine shop drill a hole for the roll pin using a carbide drill bit in a mill.


With the higher speed motor the case feeder works great. works great.


Any motor will require the shaft modification so unless you are looking to increase the speed the Molon motor available from Dillon is the way to go.

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23 hours ago, FatPanda said:

My buddy just bought one from Dillon directly about a month ago... i want to say it was around $60. I could be wrong but it wasn’t that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

Just wondering if there is something better

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+1 for the Immortobot motor upgrade. The reverse feature for stuck cases is a nice add as well.


Forcht unit also worked well but I killed a motor over 250K cases using it for a rollsizer. Wasn't available again so I got the IB unit. Works great and keeps up with a roll sizer with all pins (6,100/hr)

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