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Reshoot after conclusive score?

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I've been in this situation. If the score sheet is signed and approved by the competitor and RO it's final. You can be ordered to reshoot in some cases, but incorrect time or points are not one of them. However, a signed score can be corrected if both the competitor and RO agree. It may also be corrected via arbitration ruling. Rule 9.7.4. In the case of erroneous time the only corrective action is a reshoot. So basically you must get competitor and RO to agree to correct the score via reshoot, or take it to arbitration. 


In this case, as a competitor, I will check video if available or at least see if the time passes the smell test. If I know it to be correct I will not agree to a reshoot. If I know the time is wrong, I will both agree to and seek out a reshoot. 


That's pretty much how it's going to work out. 

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Saw this happen at Area 6 several years ago. Angus Hobdell was at the top of the results page with a time significantly faster than Max Michel and the rest of the Open guys on a 32 round field course. I asked Angus about it like a proper gentleman. He told me he had already brought it to stats attention and there had been an error entering the paper score sheet into EZ Win Score (yeah, back in the dark ages). Quick fix after the looked at the sheet and realized his 1x.xx time should have been 2x.xx. 


About that time another competitor came up and asked in a slightly less dignified manner. Angus being Angus told him tough, score sheet was signed and he was keeping it. Based on the competitor’s face that was coined “purpling the Dave”.  (And no it wasn’t Sevigny). That dude was pissed.  

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