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N320 or Sport Pistol for .40 major

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Sport Pistol is clean shooting, next to no smoke, and no residue. I had some pin tumbled 40 brass I loaded with 4.8 grs. Sport Pistol with 180 Blue Bullets. Took my first 100 to the range see how they ran and to chrono. I laid a tarp out to catch the brass and it was just about as clean after as before I loaded it.


I switched my 9mm load to Sport Pistol from Titigroup (which I had used since the late 90's), the brass was a lot cleaner and it shot just as accurate as my old load.

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I have shot N320 for years and have not had any problems with shooting it in Major or Minor for 40sw.  I had never

heard of Sport Pistol until my bullet maker (SNS Coated Bullets), Jim & Ryan Stiner told me about it.  There opinion

is that Sport Pistol is very close to N320 in loading data and it's better for shooting Coated Bullets.  I have several

pounds of N320 left to shoot and have bought some Sport Pistol.  Will post my results on this topic, but it might

be a while.......

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