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Some PCC and P320 X5 Power Factor load development


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Hi all,


Yesterday I made a trip to the range with a bunch of loads that I made to find the power factor of each one for two of my PCC uppers and my P320 X5 and thought I'd share my results. The biggest mistake I made was not bringing enough targets to get a great feel of accuracy for each load and I eventually ran out of pasters to reused the 6 targets I had (way to plan ahead dummy🙄)


I use:
-Mixed Casings
-Fiocchi small pistol primers

-Hodgdon Titegroup

-X-treme 147gr RN
-Blue Bullets 147gr RN

-Brazos Precision 145g RN


I can tell you that the X-treme 147gr RN w/3.2gr TG in either PCC upper and my X5 is a tack driver - especially my 16" upper, I'm talking a quarter sized group with 5 rounds at 25 yards. I also noticed the Brazos Precision 145gr RN (I said 147gr and most of what I weighed are closer to 147gr than 145gr as listed on the website) were super accurate as well. I can always update the post with target photos if I decide to do this all over for an accuracy standpoint as well; which honestly I'd like to do anyways. I do wish I also did a 3.1 and 2.9 grain load to have more data in the spreadsheet but you'll see some of these don't change a whole lot with the 0.2 grain difference. 


OAL does vary - I left my press set up for my original load, the X-treme 147, which was 1.155 OAL (again, got it off here) - so when I put the Blue Bullets or Brazo Precision in, I get an OAL of about 1.137" which is very close to what most coated bullet shooters have posted on here; my laziness paid off 😛




My purpose of this was to find what ammo ran best in my match guns closest to minimum power factor while remaining reliable and performing well and I'm hoping that people with load questions will find some answers in the data I accumulated.


Sorry if the spreadsheet is a bit blurry, I attached it just in case.


147gr Reload Power Factor - Sheet1(1).pdf

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Just now, HoMiE said:

Do you have any more details on what barrel and round counts fornPCC? You would expect faster velocity from 16” vs 14.5” but don’t know if different wear or twist etc 


The 16" JP definitely has more rounds through it. I want to say it's over 1500rds by now, the 14.5" Warsport maybe under 600 rds because I haven't run it in a match yet since it's just a backup.


I may be losing velocity due to OAL from barrel to the next. My ejected casings are usually pretty dirty, to be expected with blowback but this is a bit more. My dad mentioned that to me at the range yesterday and I had just never thought of it.

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