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Best load for the P320 X5 FS


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I'm looking for an accurate load for my new X5 that makes IDPA power factor or better. I have blue bullets of 124, 135 and 147gr. at (.355 and .356) and a good selection of powders. The barrel is stock. 


Thanks for your input.

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I've been running 3.2g of titegroup with X-treme 147gr RN and they make about 127 power factor consistently.


I actually went to the range yesterday and fiddled with some loads, all 147 grain bullets but from X-treme, Blue Bullets, and the new Brazos Precision ones. I loaded up a handful of each head using 3.2, 3.0, and 2.8 gr of Titegroup as I was also testing them in my PCC. The Blue bullets at 3.0 shot very well at 129 PF and the Brazos at 3.0 were 128 PF. Both felt pretty soft and were accurate.

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I have been running Berry's 147 RN with 3.3 grains of tight group and cci 500 SPP. 


I just got to shoot them on a lab radar this weekend and of 20 rounds:


average 922fps

low 878 fps

high 942 fps

spread 65 fps

std dev. 14.8



I have seen similar numbers when I run Blue bullets. I think I am going to back it off to 3.2 from now on. 



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9 hours ago, ManOnTarget said:

Did you like the Brazos?


They have a sale on memorial day (10% off). I was thinking of giving them a try. 


The value is killer especially with their discounts. How can you say no to a 725rd count for less than $45? Hell you can get like 6000 bullets for $300 which is double basically anyone else for the same  Since they're coated lead, they're a tad smokey but otherwise run well and also since they're coated you don't need as much powder. They were surprisingly accurate in my PCC at the 3.0 and 2.8 loads I did. I need to get them on paper with my X5 although I've shot them in a match at the 3.2 before I chrono'd anything and they ran well still.


I have to order even more now that you mention this sale 😛

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