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Can a shooter be subject to multiple fault lines?

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Well it SAYS Point of Cover. 


But you are right. Saturday I was examining each POC to plan just where along the fault line I wanted to shoot from. Seldom in Cover as it used to be defined. 

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yep, and this is why stuff gets whacky. we're using highly charged words with different meanings in the rule book, and in application, over time. applying an old thought process and definitions will just frustrate the SO and the competitor.


a fault line could have you in cover, but it might not. we're not judged for a pe if we're behind cover. we're judged if we're not faulting the line. one line at a time, not all of them.


also when someone's argument is "show me the rule!", well there isn't a rule for everything. thankfully we don't have a rule book trying to do that, because it would be impossible to write.

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