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Stuck In MA


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14 minutes ago, kmanick said:

do any of you shoot Hopkinton the first saturday of every Month? (USPSA)

All summer. Don’t forget Harvard this weekend (always the weekend after Hopkinton just Sunday) and Monson which is usually the last week I think

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Hi there!  Moved to Massachusetts and found out that it has very strange gun laws.... is it true that the state limits the pull weight of a trigger?


Anyway, here is my question:  can I legally shoot “open” in NH and live in Massachusetts? Can I own an “open” pistol and keep only the mags in NH (or vice versa)? I have NO intention of breaking the law (or ask stupid questions). It is just that I moved from another country and was REALLY caught by surprise by the laws here.

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7 hours ago, Malarky112 said:

I can’t answer you for sure (I’m in CT) but I know mass residents who have open guns so....


Lots of open guns are on the approved competition roster, that's how we got an X5 here as well.

https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2019/10/03/Formal Target Shooting Roster 09-2019_1.pdf


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