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Kings’ Cup 2019 - Bochnia - Poland

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Kings’ Cup 2019


I would like to invite you all to participate in a new series of matches – the Kings’ Cup 2019!

There is a possibility to sing up for each match separately, but you can also sing up to all of them at once (we have prepared a 12% discount for one-time payment!).

We will ensure that the series of matches will be on the world highest level.

I want to wish you all a pleasant time!

Wiesław GENO Sioda
Match Director Kings Cup 2019


Basic info

Date: 25.05.2019 - 26.05.2019
IPSC Level: III.
Stages: 18
Minimum rounds: 380
Prematch - capacity: 30 competitors
Mainmatch: 180 competitors, 7 shooters per squad, 1 day of shooting
Divisions: Open, Standard, Production, Production Optic, Classic, Revolver, PCC
Categories: Regular, Lady, Junior, Senior, Super Senior
Organizer: SQUAD shooting team Polska
Place: Bochnia
Mandatory equipment: hearing protection & eye protection (muffs, glasses)
Registration fee: check below
Participants: Active members of recognized IPSC region
Guns and ammunitions: Own, per IPSC rules. It is not allowed to use ammunition with a piercing and incendiary bullets.
Refreshment: Offered on the shooting range
Notes: 1) The shooters start at their own expense or at the expense of the sending organization at their own risk. Shooters are responsible for the damage and damage caused.
2) The time schedule is dependent on the number of participants in the match. This timeschedule is indicative.
3) The organizer reserves the right to change according to the objective situations.
4) Upon agreement with the organizers, a competitor may start in more than one division, officially announced only in the first shot division.
5) If, for objective reasons, a competitor can not shoot all 18 situations in one day, contact the organizer.

Match management

Range Master: Johann Kurz (GER)
Match Director: Wiesław GENO Sioda (POL)
Stat Director: Jan JUMBO Staněk (CZE)
Stat Officer/Match Secretary: Agata Wrzesinska (POL)

Time plan

Date Time  
24.05.2019 8:00 - 17:00 Prematch
25.05.2019 8:00 - 17:30 Main match
26.05.2019 8:00 - 17:30
Main match
Results publication

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