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40 case bulge with Acme bullets on SDB

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Im just getting started reloading - so bear with me..
I'm loading acme 180 gr poly coated on my new sqb, and getting a case bulge where the bullet seats. the bullets measure 0.404" in diameter.  They pass my dillon case gauge but about half fail to plunk test in my CZ TSO. my teammate is loading these for his TSO on his 650 with a lee factory crimping die which I believe fixes the case bulge and his reloads plunk well in my barrel.

I then measured and tried some blue bullets and they seem to plunk just fine - all other things being equal. Im not married to acme or anything..

so questions..
dump the acme and load blue bullets
ream out the throat on my cz tso
buy single stage press with lee factory crimping die to resize the loaded ammo
is there anything I can do to my sdb to fix this?

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