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Glock 34 gen 3 CO brass weight


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Anyone running grip weights in their CO glocks? 


Ive been looking for one and can’t seem to find on that doesn’t protrude and violate USPSA rules. I know some local guys just grounded their old weights down, but I’d rather buy something that was built for it. 


Anyone know of a good option?



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I bought a Seattle Slug and cut it to match the profile of the plastic "plugs" that are Prod/CO legal.

With a Dremal tool, a file and some sand paper, you can add 2+ ozs in 10 minutes.

And, the only reason I did this was I couldn't find an alternative that was turn key.

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I carefully hollowed out the Large backstrap for my walther til it was paper thin, then packed it full of tungsten weights & epoxy.


Even that was only good for ~3.5 oz. Didn’t make much difference. I probably wouldn’t bother to do it again.



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