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Coated bullets deforming

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 I was just out organizing my reloading stuff, and had about 8,000 rounds of .45 in 4 cardboard shipping boxes that I decided to dump into one 5 gal bucket... this got me wondering.. how much weight is too much for these bullets before they deform? I would hate to get to the bottom of the bucket and find that the rounds have become damaged. I guess im looking at about 200 plus pounds in the bucket at the moment and no I dont plan on moving it lol


anyone done this without any issues?



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I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about. A few years ago I stopped by Missouri Bullet Co. to pick up some lead ingots and Bullets. They are very nice people and gave me a tour of their operation. I saw several large containers of Bullets that could easily weigh 500 pounds. They don’t have problems with deformation.

BTW Missouri Bullets has a very clean and organized operation.

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