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9mm Tula vs. Lapua and Nosler Match


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I have found 9mm Tula to be be very accurate. Much more accurate “Russian steel case junk” that many think. I shot ten groups with my Limited Custom equipped with a Vortex Razor with Tula, Lapua and Nosler Match and I am posting the best groups. You can see that Tula is far from being junk. The groups were shot at 25 yards from a solid rest 





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I have done testing on 16 different factory ammos commonly bought in bulk across three different pistols (M&P, Glock, Sig P320). And my findings concur with yours, Tula is genuinely very accurate stuff.

Out of the 16, tula was the most accurate in 2 pistols and 2nd most accurate in 1 pistol.

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I went through an entire case of Tula in practice and two matches without any ammo related issues. You'll get light strikes if you switch to a very light hammer spring, which is a minor deterrence when shooting a DA/SA, but otherwise it was very reliable for me and made 135 power factor out of my SP-01 tactical. It's the cheapest option besides reloading as well. 

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