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New pistol ammo issues

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Just bought a brand new Limited Custom in 9mm.

First day at range, and went thru about 250 rounds, no issues. Decided to see how well it could handle

a load of Copper -Matrix NTF, non toxic lead free ammo. I have shot a lot of this in all my CZ pistols with no issues.

It has been very accurate, very low recoil. Well, upon loading mag and letting slide go foward, it jammed at about 90% of the way closed. Could not get slide to move at all...

great! i have a brand new pistol with a live round stuck in it!! pistol was not in battery as it was not closed all the way, so I dropped the mag, and very carefully pushed

muzzle against table trying to get slide to go back. Finally, after several tries, and no luck, put a plastic pen over muzzle and tapped it with mallet.Got enought movement to be able to line up dissassembly marks and was able to get slide stop out and field strip . Tapped out round from barrel and was finally good to go.

From what i could tell, it appears that the shape of bullet and the fact that o.a.l. is very long got the tip of bullet jammed into rifling and it would not chamber all the way.

Would not be suprised if the chamber is made with very little freebore . Anyway, I dont think i will use this ammo for this pistol in the future, and any new typr ammo might need to go thru a barrel chamber drop in test before using.

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I can only speak to 40sw, but getting a new custom barrel usually requires the chamber to be (can't

remember correct word) extended to match the length ammo you are shooting (might to called Free

Bored).  Do not normally run into this problem with Factory Pistols.  Talk to your gunsmith and let him

tell you what to do.  But what High-Power Jack said is a good starting place.

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