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Shepherd Scopes 1-6 / 1-8


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Funny that you post about these scopes, it's the second time in two weeks that they have come up. I was asked about them not long ago and remembered hearing about them years ago. Did a little research and they are a FL company that was family owned then was bought out a couple of years ago but a tech investment firm. They claim to be made if FL. The pricing on the Rugged series is about what a Vortex PST is and the Premium is in Razor territory.


I am in no way looking for another LPVO but I just found it interesting. If you get hands on one I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Picked one up and the glass is phenomenal! and on par with both Razor 1-6  and Accupower 1-8  that I've peeked through.  I picked up the 1-8 BRS with the R-14 reticule and from a look at the data (223 factory ammo @2,700 to 3.,000fps) it should match the bullet drops that are built in to the scope already (FFP so should bullet drop and any power).  Ended up with this one as I wanted a dual purpose scope for both competition and varmints.  The thing is a beast and feels very good,  even on the edges has true color ( from what I can tell) , I actually haven't had a chance to even sight it in yet due to work schedule and vacation travel.  


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Yeah it’s good, fairly faint on the lower settings but bright on the highest.  Not as bright as the Razor, but was easy to see and didn’t wash out against trees , houses etc.   Haven’t had it to the range yet to see how it does in the desert landscape. 

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I know this an old topic, but I’m having trouble finding much info on these scopes. 

DVOR has the 1-8 BRS on sale for $719. Seems like a ton of glass for the money. 

Any thoughts on the BRS after owning for some time?


Does anyone know where these are made and who makes the glass?


I’m in the desert SW as well and curious about the usability in bright daylight conditions 

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