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Fluffy's Revenge 2 (06-05)

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I believe that I'm starting to get the hang of this "Open" thing....

Shot this at the last York match; 2.88 down 1 for a 13.5417 HF. Very relaxed and felt real smooth too. :D

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Shot it Revolver on Saturday. Now, I haven't shot a revolver match in about 4 months, and only

3 revolver matches total. I'm normally an Open shooter.

Shot this in 8.25, down 1. 86%!!!!!!!!!!!! Something wrong here--I'm not anywhere near

that good with a wheelgun.


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38 points


A class

2.88 seconds

100 percent nationally.

This one should put me into master class in limited.

Shot with a Storm Lake barreled glock 21 with 230 grain cast lead round nose, fed 150 primers and 4.1 grains WST powder.

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Man Corey,

You let W2R whip up on you AGAIN !!!!! :goof:


Its a common place....it gives me something to work towards. I shoot with better shooters than me to keep me on my toes and keep me wanting more. Plus, TN will be saying the same thing sat night, me or him, its all KY just one of us will get to put another item on the love me wall..... :cheers:

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Shot this one 9/4 at Phoenix Rod & Gun.

Middle A Open shooter



HF= 12.4579

Calculator says: 94.23%

Working my way to Master. :D

That's a good run bro... Anything under 3 is not bad. When you have that few points accuracy is right up there with speed. Be careful you don't swap one for the other. ;)


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