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Trigger Technique for Smaller Targets?

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I have an LCR with covered hammer that I'm shooting for fun.  


Generally for a lower A zone target I just try to pull through on the trigger until it breaks.


For upper AB or for groups I try to pull on the trigger "fast" until the pawl(?) goes into the notch on the cylinder.  From there the I fine tune the trigger press and sight alignment until it breaks.  


I'm finding that under time/stress I can't do this consistently.  For the most part I just blow through that cylinder click and I have bigger groups.


So what's your technique for a body shot?  When you have to do a upper A/B shot what do you change in your trigger technique?



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on "easy" shots I rip through the trigger hard and fast while driving the sight to the center of my aiming point.

on harder shots, I have never been big on "staging" a revolver trigger, with 5 to 8 holes there always seems to be too much variance pull to pull so I end up going through when I don't want to.  So what I do now is pull hard and fast through the first 75% or so then back off and allow the sights to settle down a bit more as I keep moving the trigger through the shot, basically I start it fast end end it slow, I'm not trying to stop the trigger press just slow it down some so the sights move less. 




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I tend to look at the front sight harder which for me translates into a smoother pull through and hit on long small steel plates and head shots.

With my 642 snubby any precision shot is a hard hard look at the front sight and a very deliberate smooth pull on the last 25% of the trigger stroke!


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