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Closest dot/bore axis set up...sidemore or ??


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To get ultimate low you could go slide mounted. Go with the new trijicon optic that looks to have a big window with the same low body as the RMR. Can’t get lower than irons....

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IMO a 90 degree mounted Slideride is more of a handicap than an advantage.  I have been running slide mounted reflex sights for years without issue.  On one 1911 45 I had the rear of the slide scalloped like and Open gun slide and mounted the reflex sight directly to the slide.  No issues.  I shoot with a M Open class shooter who uses a slide mounted DPP on his guns.  He raves about them not breaking and the only ones he's tried that hold zero.  He shoots 9mm major.


BTW, I have 3 Burris FF3s, two RTS2s and two DPPs mounted on reciprocating slides.  No problems with any of them.  Just bear in mind you add weight to the slide.  That slows it down, so it is better to remove some weight from the rear of the slide first.

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