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Glock problem


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7 hours ago, f150 said:

If it fails to go into battery, light recoil spring would make it worse. Try a strong recoil spring and/or a light striker spring.


Or, the FTF is caused by the lighter loads not being able to cycle the slide far enough preventing a full stroke to load the next round. Im running into this right now on gamer 130PF 147gr loads.


OP, what round/load are you using? Any other mods on the gun?

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My mind still says lighter recoil spring. Perhaps the weight of the can increasing pressure/friction on the barrel/slide is making it cycle slow enough that the recoil spring is stopping it partial stroke.

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On 5/11/2019 at 3:32 PM, rootacres said:

Just swap it out with an ISMI 13lb spring. Sending rounds into battery shouldn't be an issue neither should getting the gun to cycle completely. 


Gen 5 G34s wont stay in battery with stock striker springs and a 13# ismi recoil spring... Ask me how I know...


Works fine with a 4.5# striker spring though

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