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Length of handguard on pcc AR

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I have a jp gmr15. Ordered the new lightweight competition Barrel I'm ordering a carbon fiber handguard. Does anyone have any thoughts on the left I'm looking at between 12 and 14 in. Also has to clear the compensator any thoughts please.


Does anyone know the difference between the PCC handguard and the AR handguard from Some composite

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clarify difference
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15" on mine, but I hold at about 12-13" and have my pointer finger extended towards target and reaching the end. 


My suppressed SBR I have for fun is equipped with a 13", but I put a sling stud at 12" to wrap my pointer finger around so I wouldn't extend past the boom boom zone. 

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2 hours ago, bigstick0000 said:

Does anyone know the difference between the PCC handguard and the AR handguard from Some composite


The PCC handguard is smaller diameter, since it doesn't have to clear a gas tube.

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13.5 unless it’s a mbx barrel then 12.5. This is my 13.5 smoke hg on a shooting innovations 14.5 with answer comp. Ar15 diameter with top rail. The top rail can only be used with ar15 diameter hg. 



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+1 on what Bwillis noted....


I'm running an SLR 13.7 on a 14.5 barrel.  Barrel is completely in the HG and comp is fully outside.   Perfect match.   


One thing you may want to consider is putting a small hand stop at the end of the HG.   With your supporting arm fully extended its pretty easy to get your off hand close to the comp (not a good thing).

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