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2 failures - no ignition and Double Feed


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I don't know much about diagnosing root cause of failures, so wondering if someone with more experience can tell me/confirm if this was a magazine failure or if there is something else I should be fixing.


I had two failures last Saturday:

Here is stage 3

This one was a failure on my 2nd shot. The round just didn't ignite. The round I got at the end looked fine. It had a dimple on the primer. 

I ejected 2 rounds while assessing this one - I'm not sure if the round I got was the failed round which I ejected first or the 2nd round I ejected.

This one felt like a high primer ... but I can't tell for sure.  

I had written it off as me not pushing hard enough on the 550b handle ... until I got to stage 5 (below).

(note that the click on the 2nd spool was bolt locked open and me not closing it)



stage 5 - this was a double feed

Failure occurs on my 2nd shot ... so when that happened the 2nd time in 1 day I started thinking that maybe I was having some other problem.

Mag is a pmag - it's about 10 years old but actually hasn't seen much use - mostly has been loaded in a safe with a pmag cover on it. I'd estimate I've used it maybe 25-30 times.

The deliberate load sequence is in the video so you can see how loading occurred if that helps

there were 30 rounds in the mag - no barney round. I did a deliberate load and a press check, closed dust cover


When I assessed the failure I saw 2 unfired rounds in classic double-feed position.  

I don't know where the "double feed" yell came from ... that's definitely not a habit I should continue 😞 = fail #1

I dropped the mag, cleared the rounds out by reaching into the magwell, then re-inserted the mag that was on the ground 😞 = fail #2

Both live rounds were on the ground at the end. You can see round #1 eject.


Upper is BCM BHF 14.5" stock and Quentin Defense Brake

lower is SunDevil with VLTOR A5 standard buffer


has about 420 rounds since last cleaning/lube

This is the first and second failure with this gun (my log has it at 2161 rounds before this stage.)


(note: I realized on shot #2 that I had re-inserted the bad mag instead of a new one, so I lost some time during the transition with a unplanned/fumbled reload.  So I know I need to practice failures more and leave the bad mag on the ground).


So I have two process errors I have to fix ... just looking for help 

Stage wasn't a total loss ... got 2nd place, but a little bummed since I didn't clear the failure as fast as I should have.





So normally I'd just throw out a magazine ... but since it happened twice on the same day I'm wondering if I'm missing something ...


After looking it through I'm at a conclusion that stage 3 failure was a high primer and stage 5 is a bad mag. Am I missing anything?





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 I would check the mag over for a spine crack, and maybe measure the feed lips. If that doesn't show anything, I would just relegate that mag to a practice mag. If it proves reliable in practice, then maybe take it back to a match. 

 I wouldn't put a whole lot of thought into one misfire that had a dimple in the primer. 


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thanks - I was mostly worried that I'd have more problems in the next match ... but it ran fine in the match last weekend on two rifle stages. 


I can't identify any issue with the mag ... but I'm saving it for the next time I do malfunction practice.



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