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The operator look/talk


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People who:

  1. Have operator beards
  2. Have tribal tatoos
  3. Wear tactical everything
  4. Talk about "operating" instead of doing
  5. Use the word "running" instead of using
  6. Have the entire Grunt Style collection


Are the laughingstocks of the range

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From the Hate Forum guidelines:


" • If your hate rant has to do with shooting then it needs to be directed towards yourself. "


This thread was closed because the content/topic was judged not to be in line with the rules of the Hate Forum. (mostly likely politics or shooting  related (which are out of bounds. )Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)


Hate Forum Rules: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/8097-hate-forum-guidelines/


[note: this is a generic reply]

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