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PractiScore to external display

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Anyone done this?  I’m tinkering with this from my iPad master but the resolutions are a bit wonky. My main goal is to get away from having to yell out names for squadding and then repeating it twenty times for the people who didn’t pay attention.  I’d like to just put it on a screen and say come get it but it seems that the resolution won’t allow me to fit all squads on the screen from an ipad


if I do it from my cell phone it works but would like to avoid it if i can. 


Anyone else done this? I’m trying to work a little less and enjoy shooting more 

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If your idea is to show squad lists on a screen, like a pdf copy, you can get a fire tv stick from Amazon for under $30 and use it to show your squads.


Fire tv stick can even run PractiScore app for Android (though you may have to install it manually). There are other Android tv boxes are bit more pricey but can link with a keyboard and all.

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