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Primers: Winchester or Remington


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5 hours ago, elguapo said:


Why's that?  Remington 7 1/2s are the cat's meow for 223.

Maybe for 223, but not in pistol. The cups are harder, and the anvil is not seated completely when you take them out of the package. The only primers I have ever had issue with are Remington's. Thousands upon thousands of Winchester with no issues, no issues with CCI, none with S&B, none with Magtech...only Remington. In one brick, I bet I had 30 failures with Remington...I bet I haven't had 10 failures in 100,000 Winchester primers. 

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No idea at all, primers look good.  Velocity avg of 10 rounds is 1062 FPS average with a 130gr coated bullet.  This is with 3.2 grs of Australian Clays and OAL is 1.167 in a KKM barrel, which has been throated slightly.


.45 load is same primer with 4.2gr of same Clays and a 200 gr LSWC and it makes Major with no problems.


I use the same brand of cases with each caliber -- Win for 9mm, Federal for .45 and LC for .223.

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I have a supply of WW, and have used CCI at times.  I need Federals for lightly sprung revolvers.  All work fine.


I bought some RP 1 1/2 small pistol during the Panic.  They are not satisfactory.  I have seen misfires, craters, smears, and pierced/blanked cups.  I have one gun that will shoot them reliably, so I will be using them up in that Springfield. 


Wolf brand was not so hot, either. 

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Remington small pistol 1 1/2 (and small rifle 6 1/2) have warnings about using them in high pressure rounds like 40S&W and .223


I'm not sure how that warning and "hard cups" go together.

When Federal primers dried up (yes, this was years ago) I switched to Remington for use in modified Glocks.  The Remingtons would ignite when Winchester, CCI, and S&B did not.

Since then, I've used Rem 1 1/2 in all my 9mm loads - though I no longer shoot heavily modified Glocks.

I've already read reports of folks saying Fed primers led to abnormal breach face wear with 170+ PF loads.   Though, TeamCarverCustom post says theirs have been fine.


Curious though about that warning on Remington 1 1/2 primers....



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I love the Remington 1 1/2’s for 9mm minor. I get 20 extra FPS with them over CCI and Winchester. I have had zero light strikes or malfunctions with remingtons. Out of multiple different pistols. 

I think people get the 1 1/2 and 5 1/2 mixed up. 


I would buy more but I can’t ever find them cheaper than CCI or Winchester 

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