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Shadow 2 - what spare parts should I have on hand?


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A slide stop is all you really “need”

Consider trigger return springs to be clear consumables. Have a few on hand.

Other than that nothing really “breaks” but it can be handle to have some stuff on hand. Some of the pins are lose-able depending on how far you take it apart.

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Everything breaks and wears out..... I've had 4 Shadow 2 now since they came out and haven't broken anything. What I suggest is you buy all the little things, not so much to have in an emergency but more to have them all at once so you can use them as needed through the course of the year, save on shipping and never be caught out by not having what seemed like a small, insignificant part get lost. Then you've got most wear items ready and spares if something goes wrong right before a match. Provided you can do the work yourself.


-front sight roll pin

-preferred color fiber rod

-firing pin

-firing pin spring

-recoil springs. yes, plural.

-magazine springs.

-trigger return spring

-safety detent springs

-trigger bar lifter spring

-slide stop

-L and R safety detent

-trigger roll pin

-hammer and disconnector pins

-slave pin


-extractor spings

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